About us

Dermacons Skin Boutique is a Romanian-based online dermatology brand that provides medical-grade services for customers who desire to have a perfect skin through adequate maintenance and topnotch dermatology treatments. We are experts in dermato-venerology, cosmetic dermatology, and facial aesthetics.

We believe that a consistent seasonal regimen and healthy lifestyle is the key to beautiful skin.

Dermacons Skin Boutique links up with customers via a secure online and mobile network and offers quick, detailed dermatology consultations and skin care plans.

Our online presence wants to clear out skincare myths, build confidence, and raise awareness about the need for clean, eco-friendly, and sustainable beauty products.

At Dermacons Skin Boutique, we want people to be happy and feel good about their skin regardless of age. We want to empower individualization and embrace each one of us unique beauty. We do not believe in stereotypes, straight lines, or unrealistic standards regarding what beautiful should be.

True beauty is a state of mind. Authentic and sincere. You need to be at peace with your body, mind, and soul.

Get comfy & join our clear skin community!

With love,
Your dermatologists,
Titiana & Alexandra