How to Get Everything From Your Beauty Sleep

When it comes to the secrets of a bright and healthy skin that always looks rested, many “tips & tricks” are available. But what I firmly believe is that these quick fixes are a way to fool our bodies at the moment and are useful in extreme and short-term situations.

Today, I thought of addressing an important topic in our daily care routine: the famous “beauty sleep” that is highly promoted in the United States. Rightly!

With what do we start then?

  1. Create an environment in which you can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Many of the little things you do before falling asleep contribute to a restful sleep. Light a scented candle, put your favorite essential oil in an aromatherapy device, invest in a quality mattress, or practice breathing exercises. I know, it’s hard to learn and can get frustrating, but once you master the “deep breathing” technique, you’ll feel like a cloud every night.

Tips: try to use a humidifier that also has the option of aromatherapy. Besides the fact that you will feel excellent, it will fight the dryness and dehydration of your skin during the night. Also, it has proven benefits for those who have asthma and respiratory diseases.

  1. Give up salty foods and snacks in the evening.

Salted food, junk food, and everything you generally like to nibble on from the store are terrible for your overall health and skin. You will retain water during the night, and you will wake up in the morning puffy and lacking in energy.

  1. Maintain an optimal sleep temperature

It is one of the most important things to get into the so-called night recovery mode. Scientists proved that an optimal temperature in the bedroom is between 19-20 degrees Celsius. Are you thinking too cold? Not. The human body naturally lowers its temperature overnight. If you provide all the conditions necessary to achieve that and not work extra on it, it will redirect all its energy to repair and rejuvenate the body’s cells.

  1. Use a silk pillowcase

I think it is one of the oldest beauty tricks and the best-kept secret among professional skincare lovers. Silk is the finest and softest natural fabric with our skin and hair with multiple benefits.

Anti-aging? Anti sleep wrinkles? Does it prevent hair damage and breakage?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Laboratory tests have shown up to 40% less absorption of facial creams compared to a cotton pillow. Do you know that feeling when you just finished your skincare routine, put your head on the pillow, and feel like the whole product is absorbed like a sponge? And after we struggled to do a spa-like ritual, we don’t want that.

Silk bedding reduces friction and maintains skin hydration. Thus, in the morning, you will no longer notice those unsightly traces of pillow or sleep wrinkles as we call them. Over time, by constant friction, they turn into permanent lines, becoming deeper and deeper.

Tips: if you have sensitive, dehydrated skin, prone to irritation and redness, a silk pillowcase will alleviate these problems.

Your hair will also enjoy the benefits of a silk pillowcase. You will notice that it will not tangle as often; it will stay moisturized, the tips will deteriorate and brake harder, and the hairstyle will last longer.

Careful! You have to be cautious with the type of silk used, the density of the fibers, and possible mixtures with other materials.

Invest in a high-quality mulberry silk product with a fiber density and thickness of at least 22 mm. You will enjoy it for a long time!

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  1. Establish an evening routine and stick to it!

Train your body and offer a well-established evening program. It will reflex you, and over time it will be easier to follow.

No matter how tired you are, don’t go to bed without removing your make-up and applying a moisturizer. Always try to fall asleep at the same time, read a book or magazine, and, most importantly, turn off any electronic device (TV, phone, tablet) at least an hour before bedtime. The blue light emitted by these devices significantly influences the quality of sleep.

Do you feel like taking a hot bath or just lay lazy in bed with a good book? Then it’s time to relax and have the most restful “beauty sleep” so far.

With love,
Your dermatologist